TRIAX 2015 Impact Tester

Triax 2015 Impact Tester

The TRIAX 2015 system is the latest evolution of playground surface impact test systems fully compliant with American (ASTM F1292) European (EN1177) and many other (CSA, AUS) standards for the measurement of shock (G) and head injury criteria (HIC) values as would be experienced during an impact of a head on a surface system. Since 1988, continuous engineering development combined with ongoing participation in worldwide standards development has resulted in a device that produces accurate and consistent measurement results in both field and laboratory use.

Accurate and repeatable measurements require accurate fall heights, which are provided by TRIAX 2015 tripod. Using the standard set of legs fall heights of up to 12 feet can be accommodated, extending to 14 feet with an optional additional set of leg sections.

 A manually operated cable clamp allows the head form to be raised and locked at the desired height without the use of a ladder, or without climbing on structures, and can cover the entire use zone. This is important in testing areas around swings where the use zone extends far beyond the frame of the swing.

Snap together quick connect couplers for the tripod leg sections speed setup time allowing operators to get more work done in less time.

Triax 2015 Headform

To further ensure accuracy and repeatability an electromagnet hold and release system prevents errors caused by operators manually dropping the head form, influencing the fall trajectory.  This ensures that sequential drops are from the same height and to the same point on the surface..

Pricing & Upgrades

Complete TRIAX 2015 System Includes:

  • TRIAX 2015 wireless head form with fitted, padded storage case
  • TRIAX 2015 wireless hand held data unit with fitted, padded storage case
  • Tripod
  • Reference Mat
  • Height Measuring Rod
  • PC Application
  • Wheeled Carrying Case

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Price includes the TRIAX 2015 Impact Test System, fitted transport cases and PC reporting application.
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An upgrade program is available to allow owners of TRIAX 2000 and TRIAX 2010 systems to upgrade to the advantages of the TRIAX 2015 system. The existing tripod is re-manufactured to the TRIAX 2015 functionality, and the existing accelerometer is re-calibrated and installed in a wireless head form. An upgrade includes a fresh calibration certificate. Note that the tripod legs are not upgraded.

Pea gravel and loose stone surfaces are playground protective surfacing materials which present unique challenges requiring special accelerometers. Although pea gravel is becoming a very small portion of the entire playground protective surfacing market it is still found in some locales. Triax impact testing devices can be fitted with optional specially designed accelerometers that can ensure reliable testing of pea gravel and loose stone surfaces. Should your playground inventory or inspection services include pea gravel, please consult with the factory prior to ordering.

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