TRIAX 2015 A-Missile System

traix 2015 a-missle system

The TRIAX 2015 A-MISSILE system is the latest evolution of the TRIAX family of playing surface impact test systems that is wireless and fully compliant with the ASTM F355-10 procedure. A standard for the measurement of shock (Gmax) values since 1988, continuous engineering development, combined with ongoing participation in worldwide standards equipment has resulted in a device that produces accurate and consistent results in both field and labratory use.  

The TRIAX 2015 A-MISSILE system features a precision machined aluminum guide tube with a quick attach base plate. This design quickly ensures the 24” drop height and disassembles for easy transport. The sturdy manual release mechanism holds the missile until the operator pulls back on the knob, releasing the missile allowing it to impact the test surface.

triax 2015 a-missle impactor

Precision machined from stainless steel the A-MISSILE Impactor meets all of the ASTM F355A-10 dimensions for size and weight. An integral velocity sensor detects the onset of the fall of the missile after release allowing for accurate measurement of impact velocity.

Pricing & Upgrades

Complete TRIAX 2015 A-MISSILE System Includes:

  • TRIAX 2015 wireless A-MISSILE Impactor with fitted, padded storage case
  • TRIAX 2015 wireless hand held data unit with fitted, padded storage case
  • Guide Tube with base plate
  • Reference Mat
  • Height Measuring Rod
  • PC Application
  • Wheeled Carrying Case

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Price includes the TRIAX 2015 Impact Test System, fitted transport cases and PC reporting application.
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